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Receiver for Jupiter


Working on this project was a challenge for me and it would have not been possible without constant help and encouragement from GMRT Observatory as an organization.

Mr. T.L. Venkatsubramani who initially gave me opportunity to start work on this project at GMRT helped me in developing the electronics part of the project. Mr. Shriniwas Pandharpure and Mr. Jayanto Roy also helped me in understanding the sophisticated instruments at GMRT and how to use them.

S. Ananthkrishnan Observatory Director GMRT helped me in understanding the radio astronomy related to project. He also provided all the required facilities to me so that I can work comfortably. Richard Flagg from RF associates, Hawaii also gave me useful tips to develop the receiver through the e-mail correspondence, as he has designed the receiver for NASA Radio Jove Project.

And to my parents who always encouraged me!

Yogesh B. Karandikar