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Receiver for Jupiter

Endfire Case

In this the power o/p from the two dipoles are added in anti-phase or in some other phase thus changing the radiation patterns and combined using power combiner. This helps in achieve more gain in particular direction.

Depending on the phase difference between the dipoles; Dual Dipole Array can be operated in two modes of Endfire case.

Mode 1:-

In this the signals are added in antiphase. This can be achieved by addition of half wavelength long cable to either of the dipole along with the existing half wavelength cable. This will cause the radiation in two lobes along East and West direction if dipoles are North-South aligned. This mode can be used when Jupiter is at lower altitudes.

Radiation Patterns for Mode 1

Mode 2:-

In this mode phase difference between two dipoles is 90 degree. This is achieved by adding the quarter wavelength cable to any one of the dipole along with the existing half wavelength cable. Mode 2 will give more gain towards one particular direction.

If the dipoles are North-South aligned and phasing cable (quarter wavelength section) is added to East dipole then East lobe will have more gain. Similarly if the dipoles are East-West aligned and phasing cable is added to South dipole then South lobe will have more gain.

Mode 2 is more useful if Jupiter is in the southern sky for higher latitude observers.

Radiation Patterns in mode 2


Broadside Case

Estimation of Antenna Temperature

Constructional details of Antenna

Antenna Photos