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Receiver for Jupiter


I started working with one thing in mind that I want to build an amateur radio telescope. Selection of Jupiter as the Radio source was simple as Jupiter is the strong radio source at Short wave frequencies. I came across the project Radio Jove in April 2002 when I was searching the net for the amateur radio telescope for Jupiter. After going through the manuals of Radio Jove and searching the market for components I came to know that majority of the active components are not available in the Mumbai. And my aim is to construct this radio telescope with the components, which are available in Mumbai. This will help other amateurs from India so that they don’t have to face similar difficulties.

So search started of finding the substitutes and redesigning of the circuitry. To achieve this goal I asked help from the GMRT (Giant Meter wave Radio Telescope). And finally I decided to take this project as my Final year B.E. project. In which I have tried to work on practical aspects of Radio Astronomy and Telecommunication Engineering, as they are closely related with each other.

Yogesh B. Karandikar

B.E. Electronics & Telecom