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Receiver for Jupiter

Guru Receiver

Receiver Considerations for Jupiter :-This section discuss the criterias used while designing the receiver for Jupiter. Receiver characteristics required for the reception of Jovian bursts are discussed in terms of Gain, Sensitivity, Dynamic Range etc.

Block Diagram of Guru Receiver

Characterizing Guru Receiver: -

Guru Receiver is a sensitive device used to detect the Jovian busrsts. As a normal receiver has different Blocks; Guru receiver also has different blocks from RF amplifier, Mixer to Audio amplifiers. The overall performance of the Guru receiver is based on the functioning of these individual blocks. So here detail description of each block is given in terms of practical circuit diagrams and different plots to discuss their behavior. With all the block cascaded what one will get is complete Guru receiver.

Following Links gives the detail description of individual blocks: -

RF Amplifier

Narrow Band Pass Filter


Audio Preamplifier

Low Pass Filter

Audio Poweramplifier

Block Diagram with Specifications

Receiver Photos